If you’re looking for good quality products for a great price then Aldi is the place. One was built up the road from me about two years ago and since then I’m always in there. It’s not always ideal if you’re doing a huge shop as it doesn’t have literally everything like the other large supermarkets, but Aldi’s great for meat, dairy, veg and (most importantly) alcohol. They have high quality beer and wines in there for incredibly reasonable prices. You may not have heard of half of them but that’s the cool thing.

Just recently, they have brought in these British craft beers for only £1.09 a bottle. Each one tastes great with its own unique flavour. All produced from good breweries – Hogs back, Salder’s, BRAINS and Twickenham. You have to try BRAINS ‘spill the beans’ as it really does have a chocolate coffee twist, but it tastes natural and not overpowering. I’ve honestly had nothing like it and was pleasantly surprised. Twickenham’s ‘RED RYE’ was my favourite; it has a lovely citrus flavour which I really enjoy with beer. I could easily have a session drinking these all day in the sun! I would recommend trying them all though as my friends and family each had a different preference. If you’ve tried them, let me know what you think of them and which one’s your favourite!


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