One thing that I love about omelettes is that they’re appropriate to eat anytime of the day; you can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’re great with chips, salad or just on their own and they’re a good source of protein. It’s then up to you what fillings you use as they are such a versatile base!

Spanish omelettes are lovely with the added potato as well as the Italian Frittata which is deep dished. For me, I usually like cooking omelettes as a quick and easy lunch where I pile on cheddar cheese and some ham or bacon. These three ingredients go so well together and it is super easy to whip up. I do, however, get bored of that and like to mix it up a little. My latest thing is adding pesto to the top of my omelette, which really adds some great flavour!


This time I went with a combo of crispy pancetta, smoked mozzarella and then the pesto smeared on top afterwards, covering every bite. You can loose the pancetta if you’re veggie and it’s still good. It was fantastic with rocket and no need to add any unnecessary carbs like chips. You have to try it! I recommend adding no salt if you are going to use pesto bought from the shop as that, plus any bacon or pancetta you might add will give the omelette plenty of salt.


If you’re new to making an omelette, then for me I like to use 3 eggs whisked into a jug. Fry any ingredients you need such as red onion, pepper, bacon or mushroom (to say a few). Never use too much filling as it will be a nightmare to flip and not as enjoyable to eat. Less is more with an omelette. When your filling is cooked through, add the omelette mixture to the pan on a medium to low heat, cooking until the bottom is golden brown. Add the cheese if you were intending on having any, then fold the omelette in half with a fish slice and let the omelette do the rest of the cooking. A good non-stick pan really helps and if you are not frying anything before hand, I suggest using a little oil to spread around the pan first before you add the egg mixture. It’s entirely up to you if you want to season your eggs before or after cooking.

For my homemade pesto recipe see my pesto soup blog post!



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