Avocado goes well with so many different types of foods; when they are ripe their soft texture and elegant flavour is unlike any other fruit or vegetable I’ve ever tasted. For me, avocados went from an “acquired taste” to something I now add to pretty much every salad I eat.

I don’t hear or see enough combinations with it, but avocado goes incredibly well with beef! It’s amazing and cuts right through the beefy flavour of the meat. I constantly eat left over roast beef and avocado sandwiches and it never gets boring. You may think it’s quite a strange combination, but just think of the famous beef chilli con carne which is great with guacamole!

Try out my steak and avocado sandwich with French mustard, red onion and a little cheese. I use soft ciabatta bread, slightly toasted either side of the two halves. You can use any bread you like; a baguette, ciabatta, a nice thick country loaf or whatever tickles your fancy. If it’s long bread like ciabatta or a baguette, then I recommend you cut it at about 6 inches long for the perfect size.


In terms of the beef, you can cook it any way you like. If you’re frying a steak like I did then you can use whatever is your favourite cut; be it ribeye, rump, sirloin or even fillet. For an intense flavour, I’d recommend you try a dry aged steak which has been hung for a long period of time to give a richer more full bodied taste like a fine wine. But, it is only a steak sandwich, so cheaper cuts are fine too. For a cheaper cut, you can try feather steak or even your typical shop bought frying steaks, but don’t overcook these types of cuts as they won’t be as tender.

One of the best and most flavoursome cheap cuts of beef is beef skirt. It’s packed with flavour but it has to be done right. Tenderise it by bashing it with a heavy object. If there’s a membrane, which is a thin clear layer on top of the cut, remove that by peeling it off with your fingers. This should be really easy and you don’t want it on the meat when cooking. Then, flash fry it either side on a really high heat for a minute to a minute and a half. Then slice across the grain of the skirt. It seems a long process but it’s an amazing cut of beef and probably one of the best in flavour for a cheap cut. It’s also great used in beef stir fries or fajitas.

I hope you enjoy my sandwich!

Ingredients  Serves 1

  • 5-6oz beef cut of your choice
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of French mustard (1 for each sandwich)
  • Bread of your choice 6 inches long or normal sliced bread optional
  • Quarter red onion sliced
  • Half an avocado
  • Butter to spread optional


  1. Slice your red onion up thinly and fry in the pan with half a tsp of oil until soft then set aside.
  2. Toast your bread on both sides.
  3. Turn the pan on full heat, season your steak both sides and rub a little oil into it. Add that to a dry pan and cook to your liking.
  4. Once your steak is cooked, set aside on a plate to rest.
  5. Now load up your buns. Spread a thin layer of butter, followed by a thin layer of French mustard (about a heaped teaspoon).
  6. Slice your steak and add the cheese on top, if you want it a little melted, put it under the grill on a plate for a little while, avoiding putting the steak back in the hot pan as it will cook further.
  7. Add the cheese and steak to your bread, followed by the red onion and avocado.
  8. Close the lid, slice in half and eat!


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