This delicious cocktail will go down a treat for guests this season! I made this cocktail for Halloween and it is really easy to make. For the toffee part to this cocktail, I made my own toffee flavoured rum by adding crushed Werther’s Originals to a shop bought rum and freezing overnight. Once I took the rum out the next day and let it defrost, I strained it over a sieve and collected the delicious infused rum beneath. After that, you just add Appletiser and ice! If you don’t have time to make your own toffee flavoured rum, then I’d suggest looking for another toffee flavoured spirit such as vodka.

– 750ml Rum (your choice of type, but I used Havanna Club Traditional Rum)
-1 pack of Werther’s Originals (135g) (or toffee sweets)
-Bottle of Appletiser

1. Put the pack of Werther’s Originals into a double layered sandwich bag and crush using a rolling pin.
2.Remove 100ml of the rum from the bottle to make room for the sweets and then add the sweets to the bottle
3.Shake the bottle well and then place in the freezer and leave overnight.
4. Take the rum out and let defrost, then strain the bottle over a sieve to collect the left over Werther’s.
5. Add some ice to a glass, then add 1 part toffee infused rum and 2 parts Appletiser.



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